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Thank you for your interest in Rhenium Pictures. Do contact us if you have any enquiries about our products and services.



We let you try others and come back for the real thing. We are Rhenium. We'll stll be here!



Tel:01293 850013


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We are happy to come to you and discuss your needs. We always have ideas to share and we welcome yours too. If you are based in Surrey, Sussex or environs, do contact us for available dates.   If you are requesting a quote, do let us know the number of shooting days that you require, as well as the number of cameras and crew type. If you require actors do tell us about this as well. If you are not sure about the resources that you need but you know what you want to achieve, do contact us too.  

If you will like to see a sample of our work before you decide on your job please feel free to contact us. If you require a specific format kindly notify us about this.


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