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The rates stated are just a guide. Each project is unique and cost will be decided based on your requirements.



When you are satisfied we are satisfied. Until then, there's no break for us.


You can find our average rates below.

Our rates are all inclusive, covering pre-production, actual filming and post-production. You will benefit from the services of a professional crew with camera, lighting and sound equipment. Projects requiring more than a full day's shoot, multi cameras, cast, additional equipment and extensive editing may cost more.

If we are producing more than one video for you, discounts may apply, particularly where there are shared recording dates.

If this is your first video, we'll offer you HALF PRICE just to say thanks.


From £2,500.00   From £2,000.00   From £1,800.00   From £1,950.00  

*Looking for lower rates? Talk to us about tailored budget projects.